Regular Screenings for Oral Cancer (Mouth and Throat)

According to the oral cancer foundation, nearly 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year in the U.S. Though the disease can have a high mortality rate, it is typically due to late-stage detection – when oral cancer is diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages, the rates of successful recovery are significantly higher.

McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen advises patients to perform self-examinations at home at least once a month, and will perform a thorough screening of the mouth and throat for oral cancer during your routine preventative dental appointments. Patients of all ages should receive regular oral cancer screenings as well as regular checkups and cleanings to ensure their oral and overall health.

In the Office

During your screening, McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen will perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth and throat tissues, including a visual inspection and the use of digital imaging equipment, such as an intraoral camera. Imaging technology allows the doctor to more effectively search for warning signs of oral cancer, including:

  • Lesions or sores, especially if they do not heal
  • Thicker areas of mouth and/or throat tissues
  • White or red patches of mouth or throat tissues
  • Abnormalities on the top, sides, and underneath the tongue
  • Lumps in the throat, esophagus, and the roof and floor of the mouth
  • Loose teeth or replacement teeth
  • And more

Along with the visual examination, Dr. Chen will also ask questions regarding any discomfort you may be experiencing in your jaw, mouth, neck, head, or face when biting, chewing, or speaking. Difficulty and discomfort with jaw movement, or with swallowing, can be a potential warning. In some cases, Dr. Chen may recommend an oral tissue biopsy, performed by a specialist, to further examine a particular area of the mouth or throat.

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