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McKinney Dentist | Your Dentist Can Offer Important Periodontal Health Care

The question “Are your teeth healthy?” is an important one, but it can overlook another aspect of your oral health that deserves your attention. If your gums develop an infection, and the matter is not addressed, your condition can actually reach an advanced state, known as periodontitis. When a person develops an infection at this stage, they have to confront potentially serious oral health developments – one particularly alarming problem is that your tooth loss risk is higher. In addition to helping you keep your teeth in great shape, your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can offer important periodontal care. This care can help you put a stop to gingivitis, the early stage of an infection, or help you manage your periodontitis.

How Serious Is An Untreated Issue With Gum Disease?

When gum disease first forms, you can see some signs of trouble, even if you are not feeling pain as a result of your infection. When you brush and floss, check on your smile – if you tend to bleed, this can be a sign of gingivitis. Swollen or sensitive tissues can also alert you to trouble. Over time, you can even notice some recession of your gum line, which can negatively affect your smile.

The problems caused by gingivitis can be frustrating, but the matter can be managed. If your condition advances to periodontitis, you can face greater risks. This infection damages the tissues that hold your teeth in place, which can eventually lead to losses. If you have already suffered these effects, your dentist can talk to you about proper prosthetic dental work to recover your smile.

Scheduling A Scaling And Root Planing

For people who show signs of poor periodontal health, a scaling and root planing can be arranged. During a scaling and root planing, your dentist is targeting those bacteria that move below your gum line, and infect your periodontal tissues. This is a more involved practice than the cleaning you receive during a regular dental exam. As a result, your gingivitis can be reversed. Your dentist can talk to you about this procedure, and further support, if you are affected by periodontitis.

Tips To Help You Prevent Future Periodontal Problems

The kind of smart preventive care that keeps your teeth safe can also help you manage your gums. One thing you should be aware of is that your efforts to clean your teeth by brushing and flossing need to be thorough if you want to maintain better protection for your smile. That means targeting your gum line when you clean, so that bacteria at the base of your teeth are addressed. Quality care at home, along with regular dental checkups, can help you protect yourself against an infection!

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