How Tooth Extraction Restores a Smile

The point of general dentistry is to prevent dental issues from threatening your smile. The point of restorative dentistry is to address issues that have already developed to prevent the loss of one or more teeth. However, sometimes, the best way to save a smile is to extract a tooth that is too damaged or afflicted with tooth decay to restore.

The most frequently-extracted teeth are wisdom teeth, or third molars, which often become impacted by molars that are already present. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe discomfort, and can damage surrounding teeth and force them out of alignment. However, other teeth may need to be extracted if they are too severely damaged, if the root cracks or fractures, or if it otherwise cannot be restored.

In the Office

Although tooth extraction is often a simple procedure, local anesthesia is typically used and dental sedation is also available. Before recommending the procedure, McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen will perform a thorough examination to determine if the tooth can be saved through other means.

If extraction is necessary, Dr. Chen can perform the procedure quickly and with minimal discomfort, and may discuss options for tooth replacement afterwards. Even though extracting the tooth can save your smile, the loss may still have a negative impact on your bite, and replacing it may be necessary to preserve your long-term oral health.

For patients who wish to replace the lost tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Chen may perform socket preservation (bone grafting) at the extraction site to preserve the jawbone structure around the extracted tooth. Doing this helps ensure that the bone remains strong enough to sustain the implant post and the crown it will support.

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