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McKinney Dentist | Addressing Oral Health And Cosmetic Issues Caused By Bruxism

Bruxism can start out as a daily annoyance, but it can quickly become a serious problem for your teeth, your smile, and your jaw. People sometimes clench their teeth at night because of stress, because of unaddressed problems with their bite, or because they are already dealing with TMJ dysfunction, a condition often connected to bruxism. While you may not understand why your problem is occurring, you should know that if it is not addressed in time, you could wind up seriously damaging your teeth! Your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can provide you with a special guard to wear at night, so your smile is no longer in danger of being harmed.

The Impact That Bruxism And TMJ Dysfunction Can Have On Your Life

When you grind your teeth during sleep, you can wake up with several pains – your teeth can be sore or sensitive, your jaw can ache, and you can also have some facial pain. If your problems include untreated issues with TMJ dysfunction, you can also have daily bouts of pain in your face, neck, and head, hurting your overall quality of life.

Putting A Stop To Harmful Teeth Grinding

With a special oral appliance, your dentist can help relieve your jaw problems, and keep your teeth safe against grinding. Because your dentist will take care to create a custom guard for you, there will not be an issue with it feeling loose, or awkward. When worn, your teeth will no longer suffer the pressure of grinding, so there will not be an issue with wear and tear, or further harm. Your dentist can also make sure you have a custom appliance that holds your jaw in a more relaxed position, so you are relieved of the discomfort of TMJ dysfunction.

Scheduling Care To Address Problems With Your Teeth

Some people only schedule treatment for bruxism when they start to see the visible effects of teeth grinding. You may be alarmed at the way friction has changed the shape of your teeth, and made them appear less healthy. Unfortunately, some people will not respond to the issue until they have experienced more significant damage. It is possible for your teeth to be chipped and cracked to the point of weakening your tooth structure. While superficial wear and tear can be corrected with cosmetic dental work, your dentist may need to place dental crowns on more seriously harmed teeth. You can be relieved to know that these dental restorations can match the look of teeth, so this should not change your smile in any frustrating way.

Talk To Illume Dental About Your Issues With Bruxism

Illume Dental is prepared to help you take on problems associated with bruxism! In addition to helping protect your teeth from nightly grinding, we can make sure any dental damage is properly addressed. If you are ready to discuss your concerns about bruxism with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.