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McKinney Dentist | Can Veneers Make The Changes I Need To Improve My Smile?

It can be hard to move forward with a plan to improve your smile if you feel unsure about the effectiveness of that plan. Will you really be able to find the right cosmetic dental treatment for your needs? How many procedures will you need to undergo to see the kind of results you really want? Your McKinney, TX dentist can help you see the value of undergoing the right cosmetic procedure. Using porcelain veneers to make changes can be effective because you can hide many different issues, and effectively transform the way you look! In addition to hiding multiple problems, veneers can give you results that are long-lasting.

Your Veneers Can Make Several Important Changes To The Look Of Your Smile

People who want to make big cosmetic improvements can find that veneers fully satisfy their needs. You can make improvements that concern the color of your teeth, as veneers are capable of hiding blemishes. The coverage they provide is even effective for improving teeth affected by internal discoloration, which means you can use them in situations where a professional whitening treatment might be less useful. Your veneers also improve the shapes of the teeth they cover. Damaged or misshapen teeth can look healthy, and exhibit the ideal shape and size for your smile once veneers are affixed to them.

Receiving Custom Veneers For Your Problem Teeth

To be truly effective at improving your smile, your veneers should be custom-fitted for your teeth. To ensure you have the right restorations, you will have an initial appointment where your dentist will take careful measurements of your teeth. In addition to taking measurements, your dentist can also make any necessary modifications to your teeth to make sure veneers will stay secure on the front of your teeth, and stay in place without looking bulky or pronounced. After they are ready, you will return to have those veneers permanently set in place.

How Long Will My Smile Improvements Really Last?

Porcelain veneers are intended to act as a long-term solution to frustrating smile problems. You can count on them to stay in great shape by taking care of your smile after your treatment is completed. In addition to avoiding habits that might lead to a chipped or cracked veneer, and keeping up with your oral hygiene, make sure you see your dentist for regular exams. During these appointments, the condition of your veneers can be checked on, so any problems with their condition, or their placement, can be identified and addressed.

Talk To Illume Dental About Making Major Smile Changes With Porcelain Veneers!

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