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McKinney Dentist | What Questions Do You Have About Modern Cavity Treatment?

If you stay committed to smart oral care on a daily basis, and stay current with your regular dental exams, you can keep your smile free of troubling decay. If you do find yourself in need of treatment for a cavity, our McKinney, TX dental practice can resolve the problem through treatment that can protect your vulnerable tooth, and preserve the look of your smile. We rely on modern restorations to match the look of your dental enamel, and support your damaged tooth structure after a cavity. We can also make restorative treatment easier by offering dental sedation, which can help you remain relaxed while you have necessary work completed.

What Will My Dentist Have To Do To Fully Address My Cavity?

Fully addressing a cavity involves both the removal of damaged dental material, and placement of a restoration to make sure that your tooth is both protected and ready to offer continued biting and chewing support. After clearing away decay, and making sure you are no longer facing the threat of damage to your tooth, we will place either a dental filling, or a dental crown, based on your needs.

Will Cavity Treatment Affect My Smile?

Modern dental crowns and dental fillings make it possible for your treatment to protect both your tooth and your appearance! Our dental fillings are made from a composite resin material that bonds to your tooth structure upon placement. The material can match the look of your surrounding enamel, and stay securely in position over time to keep you safe from further infection or damage. For a tooth in need of more support, we can use a dental crown to provide important coverage. Metal and zirconia crowns are effective at protecting back teeth, while modern porcelain crowns can be ideal for teeth that are more noticeable when you smile.

What Can You Do To Make Cavity Treatment More Comfortable?

If you feel uneasy about dental treatment, and about an upcoming cavity treatment in particular, we can offer dental sedation to make your experience easier! The right sedative can help you stay conscious, but you can remain in a relaxed state while work is being done. This can be ideal when a person has issues with dental anxiety, or when you require more involved work.

Schedule Cavity Treatment At Illume Dental!

At Illume Dental, we are prepared to provide fantastic restorative dental work for our patients! If you have an issue with dental decay, we can make sure that it is fully addressed, and that you have the appropriate support for your tooth after your cavity is removed. We can also provide ongoing preventive treatments, which help you remain free of troubles involving cavities! For more information, or to make an appointment, please call Illume Dental today at (469) 301-1255.