A Filling to Fix and Blend In with Your Tooth

Cavities are fairly common – in fact, they’re the most frequent dental issue to affect children and adults across the world. Fortunately, they’re also highly preventable, and even if you do develop one, your dentist may be able to treat it fairly easily with a tooth filling. At Illume Dental, we prefer to treat cavities discreetly, using tooth-colored composite resin that blends in naturally with your tooth.

Unlike metal, tooth-colored resin fillings can be custom-tinted to each tooth’s unique color and shade. They also adhere more securely to your tooth, creating a seal that protects the inside of the tooth more effectively than older metal fillings. Composite resin is also biocompatible, making it safe for children, expectant mothers, seniors, and those with metal allergies.

In the Office

During a routine dental checkup, Dr. Chen may spot early signs of cavity development, such as weak areas of enamel that might soon give way to decay-causing bacteria. If caught in time, the cavity may be prevented. But, if the enamel develops a hole and bacteria reach the tooth’s main structure (called dentin), then tooth decay will develop, and you may need a filling to treat the resulting cavity.

The first step to placing a filling is to thoroughly and carefully clean away bacteria and the infected tooth structure from the cavity. McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen will administer local anesthesia to minimize discomfort, and then ensure that the tooth is cleaned and sanitized before preparing for the filling.

Dr. Chen, McKinney dentist, will match the composite resin’s color to that of your tooth, then place the filling as a liquid so that it precisely conforms to the shape of the cavity. Then, she will set the filling by hardening it with a special light so that it remains securely in place.

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