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McKinney Dentist | We Can Make Your Upcoming Restorative Work More Comfortable

If you are dealing with a cavity, then you will need to arrange restorative dental work to protect your tooth. If you go without treatment, decay can continue to be a problem, and worsen as time passes. The problem can grow so severe that the only option left is to remove and replace it! People who understand the threat that a cavity poses can be quick to arrange treatment, but for someone with anxiety about dental work, committing to care can be difficult. Fortunately, you can rely on our McKinney, TX dental practice to offer impressive treatment in a welcoming environment. To make your experience even more comfortable, we can offer dental sedation during your procedure.

Avoiding Needed Dental Work Can Lead To Oral Health Complications

If you keep out of the dentist’s office, and continue to ignore the worsening effects of a cavity, you can find yourself dealing with persistent pain, as well as sensitivity that can make eating and drinking difficult. If too much time passes, a cavity will eventually lead to the spread of bacteria through a tooth’s roots, which can lead to additional problems. If your tooth’s condition becomes severe enough, it may become too unhealthy to save.

Using Dental Sedation To Help You Relax During Treatment

Nitrous oxide can be administered to you during your treatment, which can help you stay relaxed while work is performed. This will allow you to stay conscious and alert, but it can help you maintain a sense of calm as restorative treatment occurs. Once the gas is no longer being administered, its effects can dissipate quickly. You should be recovered in time to drive yourself home from treatment!

For someone with stronger feelings of anxiety, an oral sedative can be provided. The effects of this sedative are more potent, and they can linger. As a result, you would need to arrange transportation to and from treatment.

Your Lifelike Restorations Can Make You Comfortable With The Results Of Your Dental Work

Modern restorations provided at our practice can ensure that your dental procedure will not lead to a change to your smile. If you have a small cavity caught and restored with a dental filling, that filling will be made from a resin material that can imitate – and bond with – your enamel. For a more advanced cavity that requires a dental crown, we do offer these restorations crafted from lifelike materials that provide cosmetic and functional support.

You Can Enjoy Quality Restorative Dental Treatment At Illume Dental!

At Illume Dental, patients who feel uneasy about treatment can look forward to great care! We provide lifelike restorations, and we can put you at ease by maintaining a friendly environment. Our practice can also provide appropriate sedation, to help you relax while work is done. For more information, you can contact our McKinney, TX dental office at (469) 301-1255.