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McKinney Dentist | We Can Address A Cavity Without Hurting Your Smile

If a cavity really does permanent damage to your tooth structure, does this mean a cavity has the ability to ruin your smile? You can be happy to know that in the event you develop a problem with decay, your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can address the matter while preserving the way you look. Because lifelike dental restorations are effective at protecting teeth, they can cover up potentially visible problems with decay. Our practice is ready to help you address the effects of any dental problem that might threaten the health or condition of a tooth. We can also offer ongoing support to help you avoid future cavities by providing regular dental checkups.

A Cavity Is Cause For Concern

Even if modern restorative care is effective at protecting your smile, and your tooth structure, you need to look at a cavity as a potentially serious threat. After all, you are suffering permanent damage to your tooth when one develops! You can also be at risk for an infection that can make you suffer serious discomfort. If too much time passes without treatment for an infected tooth, that tooth can be lost.

Taking Care Of Your Dental Decay

To make sure dental decay is properly addressed, your dentist will closely look at your tooth to see how much damage it has already suffered. If the tooth is suffering an internal infection, treatment will call for a root canal procedure. Your dentist will perform this treatment to eliminate the infection, and stop its threat to your smile. Once decay is fully removed, you will have your tooth protected by a dental filling or dental crown. These restorations are able to closely match the look of your enamel, so they do not stand out – even if your cavity is in a highly visible place, you can feel confident in your appearance!

Taking Steps To Protect You From Future Cavities

If you want to keep yourself safe from future cavities, you should focus on improving your preventive dental efforts. You might need to modify your approach to brushing, as you could be spending too little time on this activity, or failing to reach every area of your teeth. You can also count on our ongoing services. With regular dental cleanings and careful exams, we can keep your smile safe against decay.

Illume Dental Is Ready To Fully Address Your Cavity!

Illume Dental can work with you to make sure your cavity is fully addressed, while still preserving the look of your smile! If you are worried that you might have a cavity, or if you want to arrange your next routine dental exam, you can set a time to meet with Dr. Chen at Illume Dental by calling (469) 301-1255.