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McKinney Dentist | We Are Ready To Help Patients Deal With Chipped Teeth

Have you lost confidence in your smile because of a chipped teeth? Even if a chip is too minor to cause an oral health problem, that one flaw can make you uncomfortable with the way you look, and reluctant to do anything that might draw attention to it. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we are able to provide cosmetic dental work that can eliminate your concerns about your appearance with minimal changes to your actual tooth structure. This work can also take less time than you expect. When dental bonding work is performed to hide this flaw, the work can be completed in just one appointment!

Your Chipped Tooth Can Seriously Disrupt Your Appearance

The evenness and apparent health of your teeth play big parts in your overall appearance. A noticeable chip will make your smile seem less healthy, and it will create a jarring asymmetry in your smile. Even if the damage is relatively minor, it can be enough to make a person feel decidedly self-conscious about the way they look. This is an especially frustrating problem to have when you consider how our teeth are limited in their ability to recover from damage, so a chip can be a permanent problem without treatment.

Carefully Restoring A Tooth Through Cosmetic Work

At our practice, we can talk to you about the appropriate cosmetic dental work to restore your smile. A dental bonding treatment uses a resin material that imitates your tooth structure to fill the space left by that chip in your tooth. This material bonds directly with your enamel, and it can remain stable and supportive for many years.

You also have the option to restore a tooth with a porcelain veneer, rather than through dental bonding work. A veneer covers up the front of your tooth, and completely hides flaws that concern a tooth’s shape, size, or color. While this can be a longer treatment process, veneers can offer more durability.

Your Chipped Tooth May Require Restorative Work

A chipped tooth can be more than just a cosmetic problem! If there is a concern that your tooth might be vulnerable to more damage, or if you might have problems biting and chewing, you may need restorative dental work. You can be relieved to find out how a dental crown can match the look of your tooth structure, and improve your smile, while also providing necessary structural and functional support!

Talk To Illume Dental About Restoring A Chipped Tooth

At Illume Dental, our patients can receive quality dental care if they experience a chipped or cracked tooth. If you find yourself in need of treatment for a dental injury, or if you have any other concerns about your oral health, please contact out McKinney, TX dental office at (469) 301-1255.