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McKinney Dentist | Regaining Your Full Smile With Stable Dentures

While you can certainly prefer a set of custom dentures to life with severe tooth loss, you may be worried about what your experience with your restoration will be like. People can come into prosthetic dental work concerned about how comfortable their appliance will be, and curious as to what it can do beyond restoring your appearance. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can talk to you about receiving a set of stable, implant-held dentures. With the support provided by a set of strategically placed implants, your custom dentures can stay in place while you bite, chew, and speak, making life after prosthetic dental work more comfortable than you might have thought possible!

Using Implants To Keep Your Dentures Secure

Instead of relying on natural suction, or the use of epoxies, your dentist may recommend trusting a set of dental implants to keep your dentures in place. Implants make permanent support for your prosthetic possible by keeping it securely held against your jawbone. The implants will take on the role that the roots of our teeth play by anchoring your denture, and by stimulating your jaw. That stimulation sends out signals that lead to the delivery of nutrients to the bone, which will keep it healthy.

We Can Also Provide Partial Dentures

Not every denture is designed to replace an entire row of teeth. If you have several gaps because multiple teeth are missing, custom partial dentures can benefit you. With your partial dentures in place, you can have all of your losses addressed without having to arrange several treatments, and without the need to create several custom restorations. As with full dentures, partial dentures can be designed to carefully match healthy, natural teeth. As a result, you can feel better about your smile, while also enjoying great oral health benefits.

Addressing Minor Tooth Loss Can Help You Avoid Problems With Further Losses

If you want to avoid a situation where you need full or partial dentures, take action if you have already experienced relatively minor tooth loss. An implant-held dental crown will help you with biting and chewing properly, and the presence of the implant can be useful in keeping neighboring teeth from shifting.

Talk To Illume Dental About Implant-Held Dentures

If you are in need of dentures to bring back your full smile, reach out to Illume Dental! At our practice, we can provide implant-held restorations that give you the confidence to bite, chew, and smile freely, without having to worry about a poorly secured or unattractive prosthetic. We are also able to step in and provide support when you need to do something about minor tooth loss. Addressing isolated problems with missing teeth will allow you to avoid issues with further losses. To find out more, you can reach Illume Dental in McKinney, TX by calling (469) 301-1255.