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McKinney Dentist | Recognizing Tooth Decay, And Planning Your Treatment

How easy is it for you to recognize that you have a cavity? If you are not attending regular dental exams, you may not realize you have anything to worry about until a tooth is suddenly sensitive to heat and cold, or causing you consistent pain. People who are not going to their dentist for checkups can unfortunately fail to realize they have a cavity until that cavity requires a root canal treatment. Fortunately, your McKinney, TX dentist can identify trouble in earlier stages, and restore your tooth before it needs treatment at that level. Cavities can be treated with dental fillings when they are caught early in their development.

Identifying Tooth Decay During A Routine Dental Exam

In addition to having your teeth professionally cleaned during your checkup, you will have a careful examination. During this review, your dentist can find any signs of tooth decay that will call for treatment. Once the problem is found, the correct procedure can be arranged. Because a cavity’s growth cannot be stopped through brushing and flossing alone, the problem will continue to worsen until professional care is provided.

Arranging Your Cavity Treatment

The type of cavity care provided to you will depend on what it takes to properly restore your tooth. If you have a small cavity that is revealed in the course of your examination, you can be fully protected with a dental filling. A filling only takes up the space where your cavity formed, so the surrounding tooth structure is left intact. An advanced cavity can call for more significant work. If you are not making regular trips to the dentist, you may not feel a cavity’s presence until you start to experience the effects of advanced decay. At this point, you can require a root canal treatment, which puts a stop to an infection within your pulp. Because more of your tooth structure is affected, your tooth will need more support than a filling can make available. A dental crown completely covers your tooth above your gum line, making it an effective restoration in this situation.

Changing Your Behaviors To Limit Your Cavity Risk

If you attend regular dental checkups, you can have smaller cavities discovered and treated before they create frustrating problems. These visits also help you prevent cavities thanks to the professional dental cleanings provided at every appointment. In between visits, you can defend your smile effectively by limiting your sugar consumption, and giving yourself time to properly brush and floss.

Illume Dental Can Provide Modern Treatment For Tooth Decay

Illume Dental is ready to help you put a stop to a cavity. At our practice, we can review the state of your oral health, and recommend the appropriate treatment if decay is an issue. We are also ready to provide important preventive dental care to families in and around McKinney, TX. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Chen, you can call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.