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McKinney Dentist | Quiz: Using A Root Canal Procedure To Address Tooth Trouble

Even if they are unsure of exactly what a root canal procedure provides, many patients are aware that it is sometimes used to restore an unhealthy tooth. Root canals are not used in all restorative procedures. In cases where there is a problem with a tooth’s pulp, this treatment is used to remove damaged or infected tissues. Once this is done, your pulp is safely sealed, and your McKinney, TX dentist can provide you with a dental crown. If you have a problem requiring a root canal, you should understand that delaying or avoiding the care you need can lead to persistent discomfort, and facing the risk of losing your tooth!


True Or False: If a cavity causes an internal tooth infection, a root canal is needed. However, if your dentist identifies and treats a cavity before this happens, it can be avoided.

True Or False: Tooth injuries may require a root canal, if the interior of your tooth experiences problems as a result of harm.

True Or False: Persistent tooth pain can be a symptom of an internal problem. If this is affecting you, a root canal can lead to the end of your chronic discomfort.


True! It is possible for your dentist to recognize when you have a cavity, and to provide care, before a root canal is necessary. Your chances of having a problem recognized and addressed early will improve when you keep up with regular dental exams.

True! If dental trauma results in internal damage, or leaves you at risk for an infection, your dentist can address the problem by performing a root canal.

True! If you are trying to ignore a chronic toothache, or pronounced dental sensitivity, you could be in need of a root canal.

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