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McKinney Dentist | Properly Treating An Issue Causing A Toothache

Toothaches can interfere with pretty much any part of your day. Eating and drinking can be more difficult because of pain and sensitivity. If your aching tooth is causing problems throughout the day, it can make it hard to concentrate on work, or unwind at the end of your day. What you should know is that pain like this may not go away on its own…and the condition of your tooth can actually worsen if no treatment is provided. At our McKinney, TX dental office, your aching tooth can be carefully studied to determine what might be wrong. After determining what is happening with your dental health, we can provide the appropriate restorative dental work to put a stop to your painful tooth troubles!

Stop Trying To Ignore A Problem With An Aching Tooth

When you ignore a persistent pain in your tooth, you can allow its condition to grow worse over time. Toothaches are often a symptom of internal problems, which threaten the living nerves that are contained in the pulp. If an infection is attacking this area, the problem can spread through the roots of a tooth, and create additional concerns. If you keep waiting to do something about a problem, it can become severe enough to put any chances of saving the tooth out of reach.

Taking On Tooth Pain Caused By Internal Issues

To take on a problem with the interior of your tooth, we can provide a root canal treatment. This procedure is effective for restoring a tooth if it is experiencing the effects of a cavity, but it can also be required when an injury creates issues with your pulp. To make the experience as comfortable as possible, we do make dental sedation available to patients who may feel uneasy about their procedure. Root canal treatments do important work, because they stop serious problems, and make it possible for you to retain your natural tooth.

We Can Restore Your Tooth By Providing You With A Lifelike Crown

Once your dental work is complete, we can make sure your tooth has protection for the long term with a durable, custom-made dental crown. Crowns are placed in order to support a tooth when biting and chewing, and to protect the remaining natural tooth structure from damage, or further infections. If the crown is being placed on a tooth that is visible when you smile, you can receive one made from lifelike materials that will not disrupt the way you look.

Talk To Illume Dental About Your Problem With A Toothache

A toothache can become a big problem, one that can actually grow more severe as time passes. At Illume Dental, we are ready to help patients who are dealing with discomfort in order to stop their pain, and to give them back their healthy and happy smile. For more information, you can reach our McKinney, TX dental office at (469) 301-1255.