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McKinney Dentist | Matching Your Filling’s Color To Your Tooth Color

When it comes to restorative dental work, your McKinney, TX dentist will take care to make sure your tooth is fully supported. When decay is identified in earlier stages, a dental filling can take up the space that has been affected by decay, and ensure continued support. Your modern filling can offer more than just protection for your tooth. The material used to craft your filling can match the look and texture of your enamel, and even mimic the color of your tooth. As a result, when you have this work done, you can look forward to a supportive restoration that can also preserve how you look.

Restoring Your Tooth With A Dental Filling

A dental filling takes up the space where your tooth suffers decay. While a dental crown can take up more space, and affect healthy dental material, a filling offers a more conservative treatment option. The resin material used to create your filling is biocompatible, which makes it safe for patients, and more attractive than a filling made from a metal material.

Some Cavities Need More Support Than A Filling Can Offer

When it is possible to restore your problem tooth with a dental filling, this is the restoration your dentist can use. However, some cavities are too large to make this a possibility. In these cases, your dentist can provide you with a dental crown. While a crown takes up more space, and involves work on more of your tooth, it can be key to keeping your smile in good condition after a more serious issue. A dental crown can be required after a root canal treatment, or a physical injury. If you want to better protect yourself against a cavity large enough to require a larger restoration, keep up with regular dental visits.

Enjoying The Benefits Of Modern Restorative Dental Work

Modern restorative dental work understands the importance of keeping your teeth healthy and strong, while also paying attention to the state of your smile. During your procedure, your dentist will take care of you, and ensure the best possible experience in the dentist’s chair. For patients who struggle with anxiety, that can involve the use of dental sedation, which helps people remain comfortable. In addition to looking attractive and providing support, a restoration you receive can be durable enough to stay in good shape for many years.

You Can Receive An Attractive, Durable Dental Filling From Illume Dental

At Illume Dental, individuals in need of restorative dental work can count on care that preserves their appearance, while also protecting their teeth. You can count on an attractive tooth-colored filling, or a lifelike dental crown, to keep you in good condition. Our practice is proud to make a range of dental services available to individuals in and around McKinney, TX. To arrange your consultation with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.