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McKinney Dentist | Is A Weak Or Injured Tooth Affecting Your Dental Function?

A problem with a single tooth can interfere with your dental function, and cause you to experience recurring discomfort. If a problem with the way you bite and chew persists for an extended period, it could result in TMJ dysfunction, which causes headaches, pains in your face and neck, and even issues with your ability to move your jaw. If you are modifying how you bite and chew because you think something is wrong with a particular tooth, bring the matter up at your McKinney, TX dentist’s office. A damaged, weakened, or infected tooth may be in need of prompt restorative dental work.

Ignoring A Problem With One Tooth Can Lead To Many Problems

A single unhealthy tooth can have big consequences for your smile if you ignore the matter. If you are ignoring a problem with an infected tooth, you should be aware that there is more to fear from an infection than just discomfort. As the problem persists, bacteria can work their way through your root, and spread to your jaw. Eventually, a tooth reaches a point where saving it is no longer an option. While infections are often a consequence of cavities, they can also occur if a dental injury goes untreated. If the problem is with a tooth that is simply undersized, or not capable of supporting biting and chewing pressure, you can put more strain on remaining teeth, which can put them in jeopardy of developing problems.

What Your Dentist Can Do To Make Sure Your Vulnerable Tooth Is Supported

If you are having a problem with a particular tooth, the answer may be to have a root canal performed. This procedure will involve the treatment of your pulp, or the inner chamber of the tooth. Once infected material has been removed, and the pulp has been sealed, your dentist can protect your tooth with a dental crown. This restoration is capable of protecting your tooth, so that you can feel confident as you once again place biting and chewing pressures on it.

Improving Your Dental Function Can Help Your Overall Oral Health

If you improve your bite function, you can relax the pressure on your jaw joints. As a result, you can lower your risk for TMJ dysfunction. You can also make sure your teeth are used more evenly, so you do not have individual teeth doing too much work, and experiencing too much wear and tear.

Talk To Illume Dental To Address Your Concerns Over A Weak Or Injured Tooth

At Illume Dental in McKinney, TX , you can look forward to quality care when you need something done about a problem tooth. Our practice is ready to help you recover your best smile, and put an end to your discomfort. To meet with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.