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McKinney Dentist | How Tooth-Colored Fillings Discreetly Address Cavities

If the damage done by tooth decay is permanent, what can you really do to restore your smile after a cavity forms? At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we use a modern approach to treating the effects of decay. One benefit to bringing your oral health needs to us is that we can use lifelike tooth-colored dental fillings to restore a tooth that needs treatment. Tooth-colored fillings are different from metal fillings because they can mimic your enamel, and because they are biocompatible. As a result, your treatment can preserve the way you look, while also making sure that you have dependable, long-term oral health support!

What Is A Tooth-Colored Filling?

As the name suggests, your tooth-colored filling will be a remarkably close visual match to your natural tooth structure. What this means is that when the restoration is placed, it will be possible for it to blend in with its surroundings, and create no problems for the way you look! In the past, patients who needed treatment for cavities received metal fillings – while durable, these restorations could create unwanted cosmetic issues. Modern tooth-colored fillings are made with a resin material that is biocompatible, which means the material actually fuses with your enamel. This produces an incredible bond, and minimizes concerns that the filling might loosen over time.

Using A Filling To Restore Your Tooth

Before recommending the placement of a dental filling, your dentist will have to look carefully at the cavity, and make sure this restoration offers enough support. For people who wait too long for cavity treatment, a dental crown may be needed instead. Before any restoration can be put in place, your dentist cleans the tooth, removes bacteria, and carefully removes the infected portion of your enamel. If you are approved for restoration with a filling, the resin material is placed in liquid form in the space left by a cavity, and shaped to fully fill the open space.

The Importance Of Proper Cavity Treatment

The permanent harm that dental decay does to a tooth demands a long-term solution. While it is easy to focus on a tooth-colored filling’s remarkably lifelike appearance, you are also receiving a restoration that is strong enough to provide sustained support for your tooth. This is important, as you will need that support in order to continue comfortably biting and chewing.

If you want to avoid serious issues with cavities, make sure you attend regular dental checkups. At these sessions, you enjoy preventive care that makes you more resistant to dental decay. With that said, the regular exams you receive allow your dentist to stop problems with cavities before they have a chance to grow significant, and create bigger issues like tooth infections.

Talk To Illume Dental About Receiving A Tooth-Colored Filling

At Illume Dental, patients who are in need of cavity treatment can be happy to know that their tooth-colored filling will not cause unwanted smile problems, and it can provide enough functional support to effectively keep their tooth safe for many years! If you wish to learn more, you can contact our McKinney, TX dental practice at (469) 301-1255.