Find Relief by Treating Bruxism/TMJ Disorder

Your teeth serve a larger purpose than simply providing a killer smile. They perform a number of vital functions including processing your food and helping you enunciate your speech. Because of their importance and the frequency with which you use them, your teeth are the strongest parts of your entire body.

Bruxism, which is the uncontrollable grinding of your teeth, and TMJ disorder, which describes a dysfunction in your jaw joints, can affect your bite function. While bruxism can cause your teeth to wear down or become damaged, TMJ disorder can do the same to your jaw’s temporomandibular joints (TMJs). In many cases, McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen can treat bruxism and TMJ disorder with a custom-designed appliance that protects your teeth, and supports your lower jaw.

In the Office

The first step to treating bruxism and/or TMJ disorder is to diagnose your condition appropriately through a comprehensive examination. You might suspect that you have bruxism if your teeth feel sensitive or appear worn down, or you might suspect TMJ disorder if you experience discomfort or difficulty when opening/closing your jaw.

Because TMJ disorder can directly affect your bite function, it can sometimes be an underlying cause of bruxism. Because bruxism can cause your jaw to work overtime under excessive pressure, it can also be a cause of TMJ disorder.

If you experience one or both conditions, then Dr. Chen will find the underlying reason why, such as crooked teeth, an uneven jawbone, dental trauma, etc. By treating the root cause of the problem, you can avoid further damage to your teeth and/or jaws while restoring proper harmony to your bite. For many patients, bruxism and TMJ disorder can be treated with a custom-designed oral appliance that can be worn at night.

The nightguard can protect teeth from the damage of consistently rubbing against each other, and/or it can hold your lower jaw in a more comfortable position, easing the strain on its joints and muscles.

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