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McKinney Dentist | Feeling Nervous About Dental Work? We Can Help!

Sometimes, a busy or unpredictable schedule can keep us from taking care of important matters. For matters that affect a person’s oral health, feelings of unease can become as difficult to navigate as scheduling conflicts. The problem with delaying restorative dental work is that your tooth’s condition can grow worse as time passes, which can lead to more involved treatment. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we maintain a welcoming, friendly space for our patients, and go out of our way to make everyone feel at ease. For people who wrestle with anxiety about dental care, we do offer dental sedation to help with this issue.

Dental Treatment Can Be Necessary If You Have An Oral Health Problem

When you develop a problem with tooth decay, the matter will only worsen until you seek professional treatment. A cavity damages your enamel at first, but as time passes, decay can create more harm, and eventually expose you to a bacterial tooth infection that demands a root canal procedure! If you allow your anxiety to keep you away from the dentist’s office, even though you suspect something is wrong, you can put yourself in a situation where you need a more involved treatment to restore your smile to good health.

Sedation Helps Patient Remain Relaxed During A Procedure

Anxiety can make a trip to the dentist’s office difficult even in the best circumstances. To help you fight this problem, your dentist can provide you with a sedative to help you remain relaxed. Many people receive nitrous oxide while in the dentist’s chair. This gas is administered continually, and it helps people remain aware of what is happening, while staying comfortable. An oral sedative can also be given – this type of sedative can have a stronger effect, but that effect can linger, which can make it necessary for you to have a ride home after your visit.

Nervous For Your Smile’s Sake? Our Restorations Can Match The Look Of Healthy Teeth

If your anxiety about dental care is centered around your appearance, you can be happy to know that we provide lifelike restorations that closely imitate healthy teeth! Our modern dental fillings can bond directly with your enamel, and imitate its appearance. For more advanced support, we can craft a realistic dental crown to completely cover a damaged tooth.

Talk To Illume Dental About Scheduling Your Dental Work

Illume Dental is ready to help patients who are uncomfortable with the idea of dental work! We take care to make sure everyone feels welcomed and safe in our office. We also offer sedation for those individuals who struggle with feelings of anxiety or fear around oral health work. To learn more, or to make an appointment, call our McKinney, TX dental office at (469) 301-1255.