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McKinney Dentist | Can Your Caffeine Habit Affect Your Smile?

You can count on coffee to push you out the front door on a typical morning, enjoy a tasty flavored coffee beverage when you are out running errands, or order a fizzy soft drink with a meal. What you may not realize is that your favorite caffeinated drinks might be affecting your oral health. When it comes to flavored coffee drinks and soft drinks, high quantities of sugar can lead to problems with tooth decay. Drinking unsweetened coffee can still affect your enamel because of the beverage’s acidity. The problem with caffeinated drinks is about more than just your oral health – you can also accumulate teeth stains. Our McKinney, TX dental practice is ready to help you deal with the effects of caffeine, and provide ongoing smile protection during routine dental exams.

Your Food And Beverage Choices Can Affect Your Smile, And Your Oral Health

There are steps you should take that actively protect your smile from harm. Brushing flossing are daily behaviors that help you prevent dental problems, and on a semiannual basis, you should receive routine preventive dental care. What you should understand is that even with good habits in place, bad habits concerning food and drink choices can have real consequences. Caffeinated beverages that are acidic, sugary, and rich in color can make it harder for you to maintain your smile! If you are not enjoying these products in moderation, you can have more trouble with cavities, or find yourself looking at a set of stained teeth!

Caffeinated Beverages And Teeth Stains

While unsweetened coffee is free of harmful sugars, the chromogens that give the beverage its color can wind up staining your teeth. Tea can also pose a problem, as tannins that give this drink its hue are able to build up, and make your smile appear less white. You should be careful about how many dark and color-rich items you eat or drink, because even an oral care regimen that protects you from cavities can fail to stop teeth stains. If the problem is drawing unwelcome attention, our practice can provide you with a teeth whitening kit, or an in-office whitening procedure. Professional whitening treatments are able to remove stains that you can fail to remove when you rely on store bought products.

Sugary Drinks And Tooth Decay

The popularity of flavored coffee beverages can make your go-to caffeine source trouble for your dental health. Increasing your typical intake of sugar can lead to cavity problems that call for the placement of dental fillings. For cavities that are not caught in time, you can even require a root canal procedure and dental crown! Be careful about how often you enjoy these drinks, and consider replacing flavored drinks with water to reduce your risks for problems.

Illume Dental Can Help You Deal With Smile And Oral Health Issues

Illume Dental is ready to help patients take great care of their teeth during every visit! If you have questions about our services, or if you wish to set up a visit, please call our McKinney, TX dental practice at (469) 301-1255.