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McKinney Dentist | Can An Untreated Cavity Really Cost Me My Tooth?

What kind of concern should you feel over an advanced cavity? When decay reaches the inner chamber of your tooth (its pulp), you can start to feel unpleasant effects like pain or sensitivity. The discomfort around this may be enough to send you straight to the dentist’s chair. However, if you try to ignore the matter, you should know that you are putting yourself at risk for further problems. Your tooth can be damaged too badly to be saved, and the bacteria causing problems can spread beyond your tooth. Your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can provide you with care for advanced tooth decay, and protect your smile before these complications affect you.

A Cavity Can Lead To Internal Tooth Issues

When a cavity reaches your tooth’s pulp, you can feel the unpleasant effects of an internal infection. The presence of bacteria within your tooth can result in damage to its living tissues, which can be decidedly uncomfortable. Eventually, bacteria can continue traveling by moving through the root of your tooth, and into your jawbone.

To stop a cavity that reaches your pulp, your dentist can perform a root canal treatment. Despite the procedure’s reputation, your experience can be more pleasant than you anticipate. Your dentist can take care to prevent unneeded discomfort, and the appropriate dental sedation can help you remain relaxed throughout treatment of the tooth.

Restoring Your Tooth Can Actually Offer Cosmetic Benefits

After treating your cavity, your dentist will repair your tooth. The unfortunate truth is that there is no way to restore the dental material damaged by decay. However, you can count on support from an attractive and durable dental crown. Custom crowns can be comfortable, they can blend in with your smile, and they can effectively take on biting and chewing pressures.

Talk To Illume Dental About Addressing A Cavity

At Illume Dental, you can count on a quality treatment experience when you need a cavity addressed. After the proper care is provided to stop decay, a durable, good-looking restoration can offer lasting support. If you want to make an appointment, or if you have more questions, please call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.