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McKinney Dentist | 3 Important Issues Your Dentist Addresses During Cavity Care

A cavity can cause serious oral health problems, and those issues can actually grow more severe as time passes without proper treatment. Did you know that tooth decay can eventually lead to the spread of bacteria through your tooth, and create new health issues? Fortunately, your McKinney, TX dentist can put a stop to a cavity well before this happens. In fact, when you keep up with regular dental exams, you can have a cavity discovered and treated with the appropriate restorative dental procedure when its effect on your health is minimal. Whether decay is in its early or advanced stage, proper treatment should address every issue that impacts your oral health.

1. Making Sure Decay Is Completely Removed From Your Tooth

Some patients are fortunate enough to have a cavity removed when only a small amount of enamel is affected. Others will not arrange treatment until they are feeling the painful effects of a tooth infection – at this point, a root canal procedure is necessary to return you to good health. No matter what stage your cavity is in, your dentist’s work can put a total stop to its spread, and remove all infected material from your tooth.

2. Providing You With A Supportive And Attractive Restoration

A restoration provided after cavity treatment will make sure that your tooth has functional support. In other words, your dental filling or dental crown placed after your cavity is removed should allow you to bite and chew like you did before decay became a problem. You can be happy to see just how easy it is for modern restorations to blend in with your smile, as both fillings and crowns are created to expertly mimic your enamel.

3. Confirming That You Are Able To Continue Practicing Normal Dental Function

You should feel confident that when you bite and chew with a tooth treated for decay, you will experience no issues. If you have an older restoration, or one that seems to be offering limited support, make sure your dentist is aware. The goal of proper restorative care is to protect your tooth, and make your dental function feel as normal as possible. Problems with your bite function can increase wear and tear on teeth that have to do more work, and they can increase the possibility that you will start to feel the ill effects of TMJ dysfunction.

Illume Dental Can Make Sure Your Oral Health Needs Are Fully Addressed When You Have A Cavity

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