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McKinney Dentist | Taking Care Of Your Smile After You Injure A Tooth

A tooth injury can hurt the way you look when you smile, and create possible oral health problems. Unfortunately, it can be hard to predict when an injury will occur. If you are an active person, you might have some concern about suffering an injury playing sports, or during some other physical activity. Of course, you could find yourself with a chipped or cracked tooth because you had the misfortune of biting down on something unexpectedly hard. Your dentist can make sure your needs are fully met after an injury. That may involve restorative dental work, but they can also take care of you when your problem only makes cosmetic dental care necessary.

Does A Damaged Tooth Call For Cosmetic Work, Or Restorative Work?

The severity of your tooth injury will dictate the treatment approach taken by your dentist. Patients with serious dental damage can have restorative dental work performed, to make sure their tooth is fully healthy. If your dental damage is only cosmetic, then cosmetic work may be all that is needed. This can be accomplished in less time than you might expect. For instance, a tooth bonding treatment can have your smile restored after just one visit!

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Completely Healthy After An Injury

If your dental injury causes oral health problems, your dentist can help by making sure your tooth has all the care that it needs. If your tooth is cracked, and its interior is exposed, this may mean the performance of a root canal treatment. Restoring an injured tooth typically calls for the placement of a dental crown. This can ensure that you have the ability to place normal biting and chewing forces on the tooth.

Illume Dental Can Provide Great After A Tooth Injury

At Illume Dental, patients who suffer a tooth injury can look forward to excellent oral health care. Our practice is prepared to offer cosmetic support for superficial harm, but we can also make sure any problems that affect the health of your tooth are addressed. To set up a meeting with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255. We are proud to welcome patients from McKinney, TX, as well as Allen, Plano, Frisco, and all surrounding areas.