Treating Root Canals Can Save Teeth

The outer layer of tooth (the enamel) is the most resilient substance your body produces. Its purpose is to protect the main structure of the tooth (the dentin) from accidental damage or infection by oral bacteria. At the very center of the dentin is the pulp chamber, which houses the pulp, which consists of the nerves and blood vessels that sustain the tooth.

When a tooth filling is not enough, root canal treatment may be the best way to stop the infection from spreading to the root canal which is connected to the pulp. If a tooth is cracked or fractured and its pulp is exposed, then the same procedure can also help prevent the onset of internal tooth infection. Using advanced technology and a combination of local anesthesia and dental sedation, Dr. Chen can perform most root canal treatments in just one visit, and with minimal discomfort.

In the Office

Because root canal treatment involves accessing the interior of your tooth, McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen will first determine if the tooth can be treated with a filling (in case of infection) or a crown (in case of minor tooth damage). For a highly-accurate diagnosis, she will use digital imaging equipment, including X-rays, to see how extensive the damage or decay has become.

If root canal treatment is necessary, then Dr. Chen will begin by delivering local anesthesia to the tooth and surrounding area. If you prefer, you may also opt for a sedative to help you remain calm and relaxed during the procedure.

Specialized equipment will allow McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen, to clean away bacteria and infection from the tooth’s pulp chamber and the root canal connected to it. Then, she will seal the root canal using biocompatible gutta percha – a safe and durable material that protects and reinforces the tooth’s root. To fill the cavity, Dr. Chen will use tooth-colored composite resin, and for additional protection, she may also place a custom dental crown over the tooth.

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