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McKinney Dentist | Questions You Might Want To Ask At Your Next Dental Checkup

At every routine dental exam, there are several important steps you can count on your McKinney, TX dentist’s office to take in service of protecting your oral health. These visits combine professional cleanings with thorough examinations in order to help you stay on top of your smile’s needs. One thing you should keep in mind during these visits is that your appointments give you a chance to learn more about your smile. While you may have questions about your current oral hygiene regimen, or the effect certain behaviors might have on your smile, you may have a habit of staying quiet throughout your appointment. Bringing up the right questions can help your dentist understand what you want from dental care, and help them identify changes you can make to greatly improve your smile!

“Am I Doing A Good Job Brushing And Flossing?”

People who brush consistently can be surprised by the reveal that their teeth are not actually as clean as they had assumed. Simply put, you can do yourself a disservice by assuming your current habits are protecting you as well as you might hope. You should be brushing at least two times, and flossing at least once a day, to keep up with your oral health. Your dentist can also talk to you about making sure you protect your periodontal health by cleaning your gum line when you perform these actions.

“How Can I Avoid Teeth Stains?”

Teeth stains can lead to a frustrating level of dental discoloration. Is it possible that you currently make the problem worse because of certain habits? While brushing your teeth can help you clear away the accumulated particles that can stain your enamel, you can do a better job preserving the whiteness of your teeth by limiting your consumption of dark or color-rich items. If you are currently bothered by the color of your teeth, you may be ready to learn more about a professional whitening treatment.

“Is My Past Dental Work Still Holding Up?”

Your dentist will alert you to problems with an older dental filling, or dental crown. While these restorations are capable of lasting for many years, problems can occur over time after so much wear and tear on them. You should still make sure to bring up any concerns you have about a filling or crown feeling loose, or sensitive. Modern restorative dental work can offer important support, while also offering exciting cosmetic benefits.

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