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McKinney Dentist | Is Gum Disease Affecting Your Smile? We Can Help!

Sometimes, an oral health problem is about something other than the health of your teeth. Many people will have some issues with gum disease over time. You can recognize a possible problem when you notice symptoms like redness or swelling, or if you see that your gum lines have started to recede. Chronic bad breath can also be an indicator of poor periodontal health. During a routine dental exam, your dentist will check for concerning signs of poor periodontal health, which can call for more involved care. With a combination of treatment from your dentist, and effective oral care at home, you can control your risk for future troubles. 

Providing Effective Care To Address Your Periodontal Health

Your dentist can provide the appropriate treatment for your periodontal infection. To address gingivitis, they can help by providing you with a scaling and root planing. This is a more detailed teeth cleaning, which can attack bacteria under your gum line. Depending on how detailed your cleaning is, this may require a follow-up visit. Laser treatment can be used during this process, to thoroughly rid bacteria from the roots of your teeth.

How Can I Avoid Future Issues With Poor Periodontal Health?

A scaling and root planing can help you regain healthy gum tissues. So what should you do after a treatment is completed to make sure your smile stays healthy? Your gums can become infected when plaque and tartar gather at your gum line. If you practice smart dental care at home, you can remove bacteria, and stop this accumulation from taking place. This means brushing at least two times a day, and flossing at least once a day. When you combine this with regular dental exams, you can give your smile fantastic support.