Sleep Better with Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sometimes, a snore is just a snore. But in some cases, it can indicate something more, like obstructive sleep apnea. Usually caused by oversized or over-relaxed throat and oral tissues, sleep apnea is marked by loud snores that continue to grow louder, and then suddenly stop. The silence marks the point in the sleep apnea cycle where the patient stops breathing.

Unlike regular snoring, sleep apnea follows a distinct pattern, the pinnacle of which occurs when the airway is completely closed and the patient can no longer breathe. After several seconds, the brain will respond to the lack of oxygen by waking the body up enough to clear the airway and breathe again. The problem, however, is that these episodes can repeat themselves hundreds of times in a single night. This makes it impossible to fall into the deep REM sleep needed to rest and rejuvenate properly, which can result in sleep deprivation and an increased risk of cardiovascular and other health problems.

In the Office

A sleep apnea assessment in our dentist’s office will typically consist of an oral examination and a series of questions regarding your overall quality of sleep. If sleep apnea is suspected, then McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen, can recommend a trusted sleep specialist so you can undergo a clinical sleep assessment.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, Dr. Chen can provide a comfortable, personalized alternative to the traditional CPAP machine. The continuous positive airway pressure machine requires that you wear a mask while sleeping so the gentle air pressure can keep your airway clear. However, for some patients, the machine and mask can be cumbersome, still preventing them from sleeping comfortably.

A custom-made sleep appliance from McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen, is also designed to keep your airway open while you sleep, but accomplishes its goal by slightly repositioning your lower jaw. As you sleep, the guard will ensure enough space to keep oral tissues from clogging the airway, which may eliminate your snoring altogether.

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