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McKinney Dentist | Changing Your Routine To Better Prevent Oral Health Issues

If you have experienced recent problems with tooth decay, you can have an understandable degree of frustration with your current oral care routine. With that said, you should not grow complacent about your oral hygiene habits if you have enjoyed a relatively long spell without a cavity. Changes to your enamel, or your typical activities, can impact your resistance to decay, meaning your current approach to brushing and flossing may become less effective. Your McKinney, TX dentist is prepared to provide valuable care during every routine dental checkup you attend. Between those appointments, you can lower your risk for issues like tooth decay and gum disease by looking for opportunities to improve your oral care regimen.

Improving Your Daily Efforts To Clean Your Smile

The time and effort you put into keeping your smile free of bacteria and food debris will matter. You should avoid the mistake of assuming that consistent brushing and flossing will keep you fully protected. What people overlook is how the thoroughness of their teeth cleaning efforts will affect their risk for smile troubles. Dedicate at least two minutes to the task of brushing your teeth each time you do it, and focus on reaching every area of your smile you can. When you floss, make sure you move the string all the way to your gum line – if you fail to protect those spaces, you have a higher risk for gum disease. You should also keep in mind that “better” brushing does not mean brushing with more force. Being too aggressive can create excessive friction, and weaken your enamel!

What Kind Of Diet Improvements Should You Make For Your Oral Health?

If you are not paying attention to your sugar intake, you can put yourself at a greater risk for decay than you might realize. If you want to reduce your sugar, start paying more attention to what you choose when you make snack selection. Convenient, accessible snacks can be higher in sugar or starches, so they can be more harmful than healthy snacks you take time to prepare for yourself.

Steps Your Dentist Can Take To Help You Preserve Your Healthy Smile

Improved oral health habits are great, but they are not an excuse to abandon regular exams. Every time you see your dentist, you receive a professional teeth cleaning, something you need to attend in order to have any tartar deposits removed. Your dentist is also able to confirm that your teeth are free of cavities. You might be surprised to know that a cavity can form, and start growing, without you realizing it. By the time you do feel symptoms, it may be serious enough to require a root canal!

Illume Dental Can Help You Prevent Oral Health Issues

Illume Dental is proud to provide McKinney, TX families with access to terrific oral health care! If you want to know how you can practice better oral hygiene, or if you want to set up a professional checkup, please call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.