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McKinney Dentist | 3 Steps You Should Take To Keep Your Teeth Clean And Healthy

With the right oral care regimen, you can preserve the health of your smile, and avoid problems that might demand restorative dental work. Unfortunately, people sometimes feel convinced that they have a terrific routine for keeping their teeth in great shape, only to learn at their next dental visit that they have a problem with tooth decay, or gum disease. Are there any changes you should make in order to keep your smile better protected against problems? At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can provide you with quality preventive dental care during each of your routine dental examinations. These visits are an important part of your overall plans to protect your smile. With a combination of regular checkups, and smart daily care, you can preserve your healthy teeth and gums!

1. Brushing AND Flossing Should Happen Every Day

Make sure that each day sees you floss your teeth at least once, and brush at least twice. Why are both of these habits important? These efforts help you clear away the accumulating oral bacteria on your teeth, and they help make sure your smile is free of any lingering food particles. It is important to floss each day because you can allow more oral bacteria to accumulate between teeth than you realize.

2. Drink More Water On A Daily Basis

Water is great as a substitute for beverages that can cause unsightly teeth stains, and issues with tooth decay. Flavored beverages like juice and soda often create problems because they can be filled with sugar, and because the agents that give them their color can cling to your enamel, and change the color of your smile. Drinking more water is about more than just substituting harmful beverages. Being better hydrated helps you produce more saliva – because saliva has a role to play in defending your teeth from problems, effective production is important!

3. Attend Your Semiannual Dental Exams And Cleanings!

If you want to avoid dental problems – particularly problems that can require dental crowns and root canal procedures – make sure you have regular dental exams scheduled. At every visit to our practice, you receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth, in addition to your evaluation. The cleaning removes harmful agents like plaque and tartar, so these materials are no longer present and hurting your smile. Regular evaluations are also good for keeping you informed about problems that may have developed. While you may not be happy to learn you have a cavity, you can prefer early detection and treatment to problems associated with more advanced tooth decay.

Illume Dental Can Help Keep Your Teeth Clean, And In Good Health

At Illume Dental, patients can rely on quality care during every routine visit! Our practice also offers modern procedures to help you manage your oral health, and to help people feel great about their appearance. For more information, you can reach our McKinney, TX dental office by calling (469) 301-1255.