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McKinney Dentist | What Are You Missing Out On If You Don’t Attend Checkups?

If you skip brushing your teeth in the morning, or before bed, you are leaving plaque and food debris unaddressed. That can lead to tooth decay and cavity trouble, as well as the hardening of plaque into tartar. Because you understand that there are consequences to not brushing and flossing, you (hopefully) make an effort to keep up with these habits. Are you giving the same consideration to regular dental exams? When you fail to attend dental checkups, you can miss out on care that is valuable to your efforts to sustain a healthy smile. Individuals who do go in for care with your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can look forward to a professional teeth cleaning, and an important evaluation of their dental health.

How Healthy Are Your Teeth?

If you brush at least twice a day, and floss at least once per day, you may feel confident in the health of your smile. What you might not realize is that when a cavity starts to form, there may be no obvious symptoms to grab your attention. In addition to looking out for any signs of tooth decay, your dentist is checking to see if your teeth are effected by wear and tear, if your gums are showing symptoms of gingivitis, and looking out for possible signs of oral cancer. At each visit, you are receiving a full evaluation for possible oral health issues, in addition to undergoing a beneficial professional teeth cleaning.

What To Expect If Your Dentist Identifies A Problem With Your Oral Health

If a problem is identified during your trip to the dentist’s office, you can make arrangements for restorative dental care. Prompt treatment helps you avoid complication concerns, as issues like tooth decay will continue to worsen until treated. Patients who fail to attend regular exams are more likely to need more involved work, like root canal treatment, when they do seek help from their dentist.

Talk To Illume Dental About Scheduling A Routine Dental Checkup

At Illume Dental, you can look forward to dedicated oral health care support during each routine dental exam you attend. To set up your appointment with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255. We are proud to welcome McKinney, TX residents, as well as individuals from Allen, Plano, Frisco, and all other neighboring communities.