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McKinney Dentist | Using Silver Diamine Fluoride To Protect Young Smiles

Because their smile is still developing, and their understanding of oral care can be limited, younger children can have a difficult time understanding the importance of healthy teeth. Unfortunately, this can lead to a situation where a small child develops a cavity, or even multiple cavities. Our McKinney, TX dentist’s office takes pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere for every patient, especially for our youngest visitors. With that said, the idea of restorative dental care can be understandably worrying for someone who is unfamiliar with it, and why it is so important to deal with a cavity. Fortunately, we can offer silver diamine fluoride to stop advancing decay without performing traditional restorative dental work.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Can Help Younger Children Dealing With Cavities

A small child can be frightened by unfamiliar situations. Because cavity treatment typically requires the direct removal of dental enamel, and the placement of a dental restoration, the process can seem intimidating. Fortunately, in situations where it is appropriate, your dentist can suggest the use of silver diamine fluoride to arrest a cavity’s growth, and spare a child’s primary tooth from further harm.

Other Benefits To Regular Pediatric Dental Care

Introducing your child to regular dental care can help them learn important habits, and keep their teeth in top shape. In between the kind of routine preventive dental care that all patients enjoy, your dentist will take time to talk with your child about why they should keep their teeth in good shape, and what they can do to avoid problems. Those instructions can even include guidance on better brushing and flossing, so kids can take more effective care of their teeth at home.

Helping Kids Prevent Cavities With Better At-Home Habits

While regular dental checkups help patients protect themselves from the threat of tooth decay and gum disease, a person’s habits at home can be a major influence on their cavity risk. If you want to keep your child’s teeth in top shape, spend time with them when they are still learning how to brush and floss, and offer guidance where necessary. This means checking to confirm they really are cleaning their teeth, as well as walking them through better practices if they are not being thorough about brushing and flossing.

Talk To Illume Dental About The Benefits Of Silver Diamine Fluoride

Illume Dental is ready to help patients of all ages practice smart smile care! For our youngest patients, we can offer both routine oral health services, and the kind of guided instructions that help them take better care of their teeth at home. If you have questions about our routine pediatric services, or our approach to restoring a child’s tooth after a cavity, please call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.