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McKinney Dentist | These Tips Can Help You Avoid Problems Like Tooth Decay

There is more to a healthy smile than just a lack of cavities. With that said, tooth decay is a serious issue, and protecting yourself against this particular problem can be vital to your overall goal of maintaining good oral health. If you want to put up a truly effective fight against cavities, look at oral care as a combination of smart daily care, and access to the right professional support. At our McKinney, TX dental practice, we can offer important services during your routine dental exams. In between these visits, put in serious efforts to clean your teeth, and make sure your diet is not putting your teeth in jeopardy!

Look For Improvements In Your Dental Hygiene Routine

If you recently had a tooth restored with a dental filling, or experienced problems with gum disease, you should think about your current oral hygiene regimen, and how it can be improved. A better experience with brushing may call for a new brush – a toothbrush should be replaced every three to four months, and you should look for soft bristle brushes. When you are cleaning your teeth, take enough time to be thorough. The process of properly cleaning your teeth should take at least two minutes. You should also be flossing, and take the time to clean at the base of your teeth when you do.

Reduce Your Consumption Of Soft Drinks

Soft drinks can work their way into a person’s life through several channels. For some people, a meal just feels incomplete without one, while for others they serve as an important caffeine boost. Unfortunately, these beverages add a considerable amount of sugar to your day, and their acidity can weaken your enamel. Dropping soft drinks – and drinking more water instead – can help you lower your risk for tooth decay, reduce your intake of products that can cause teeth stains, and stay better hydrated!

Keep Seeing Your Dentist For Regular Exams

Regular dental exams are important if you are trying to improve your oral health, and when your goal is to keep your teeth healthy. At each appointment, your oral health is carefully evaluated for problems like cavities and gum disease, and you have access to important oral cancer screenings. When problems are identified, you can take advantage of early treatment, and avoid root canal treatments, and other more involved procedures.

Talk To Illume Dental For More Support Against Possible Tooth Decay

At Illume Dental, patients who want to maintain healthy teeth can look forward to great support! At our McKinney, TX practice, we are committed to offering great care in our office, and providing instructions to make preventive care easier for you to manage over time. For more information, you can contact Illume Dental at (469) 301-1255.