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McKinney Dentist | Making Time For Kids’ Dental Checkups Before Summer Ends

While your kids may wish for a summer that would never end, you know that the start of the new school year is not far away. If you want to make sure your kids show up to their classes with healthy smiles, take advantage of their current free time to set up pediatric dental exams at our McKinney, TX dental practice! During your child’s checkup, your dentist can make sure they have no issues with tooth decay that need to be addressed. This time can also be used to talk with your kids about improving their oral health care habits at home, so they are less likely to have problems in the future.

Regular Dental Exams Are Important For A Child’s Smile Health

At every regular dental exam, your child will enjoy the kind of dedicated preventive care offered during routine dental appointments with adult patients. However, you should be aware that pediatric dental exams offer additional forms of support that are important. During their time in the dentist’s chair, your kids can learn more about the value of keeping their teeth and gums in great shape. Your dentist can provide tips on better brushing and flossing, while also making sure they understand why they should be careful about consuming too much sugar. These visits can help kids do a better job protecting their teeth between appointments, and they can help encourage them to feel comfortable enough at the dentist’s office to keep up with care as adults.

We Can Provide Extra Cavity Protection For Young Patients

Because kids are less practiced at preventive dental care, they can be more vulnerable to problems. Our practice offers extra support against cavities that can help by offering them an extra line of defense against oral bacteria. Fluoride treatments are performed to strengthen enamel, and make teeth more resistant to cavities. In addition to using fluoride treatments, we also provide dental sealants that create barriers between your child’s teeth, and harmful food debris and bacteria.

We Can Take Care Of Your Oral Health Needs, Too!

Remember that your kids’ teeth matter, but yours matter as well! When you bring kids in for their checkups, set aside time for your own preventive care. Every checkup can help you preserve the health and appearance of your smile. If a problem has formed, your dentist can take care of it before it worsens, and demands more serious treatment.

Set Up Dental Checkups For Your Kids At Illume Dental

If you want to make sure your kids show up for the first day of school with healthy smiles, schedule pediatric dental exams at Illume Dental! Our practice is proud to offer advanced dental care for patients of all ages. If you have questions, or if you want to book your visit with us, please call our McKinney, TX dental practice at (469) 301-1255.