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McKinney Dentist | Infrequent Dental Exams Can Put Your Smile At A Disadvantage

If you think something is the matter with your oral health, you reach out to your dentist to arrange dental care. Are you seeing your dentist when you feel that your smile is healthy? If you go without regular dental exams, you can have a greater chance of experiencing troubles with your smile. Your McKinney, TX dentist’s office will provide a careful teeth cleaning, along with a review of your teeth and gums, during every appointment. You can be less likely to experience dental troubles if you keep up with preventive care. You can also count on problems being caught before they grow serious.

Are Dental Exams Really That Important When My Teeth Are Healthy?

One reason to see your dentist for a regular exam, even when you think your smile is healthy, is that you could be mistaking a lack of symptoms for a lack of problems. Problems like tooth decay and gum disease can be asymptomatic when they start to develop, which means you can fail to realize something is the matter. Early detection and treatment can give you the opportunity to deal with an issue before it is serious – for instance, you can count on having a cavity treated before you need to have a root canal performed on your tooth.

Problems Your Dentist Can Identify During A Checkup

Your dentist is looking carefully at your teeth and gums for any signs of trouble. A small cavity can be found, and treated with a dental filling, before it has the opportunity to create more harm. Your dentist can also recognize when you are experiencing issues with gum disease.

Gum disease and tooth decay are common oral health problems. While it is important to have your smile checked regularly for signs of these concerns, they are not the only problems that can be identified. You might show signs of bruxism and TMJ dysfunction, which can be addressed. Your dentist can also look for any warning signs of oral cancer, and have you tested for the disease if necessary.

Your Dental Cleanings Make Future Oral Health Problems Less Likely To Occur

Hopefully, you have a brushing and flossing routine you feel can fully protect your smile. With that said, a great daily routine should not replace regular dental cleanings. Your cleaning can take care of harmful agents, including those deposits of trouble in difficult to reach areas. You can also have tartar removed – tartar can be prevented through brushing and flossing, but a professional cleaning is needed to remove it after a deposit has formed.

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