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McKinney Dentist | Finding The Right Way To Make Your Smile Whiter

What separates a professional whitening treatment from the kind of over the counter whitening products you can find at your local grocery store or pharmacy? While store bought whitening kits and whitening toothpastes can help you remove stains on the surface of your teeth, they can leave other stains behind. Your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can offer a professional whitening treatment that leads to big improvements. A professional treatment can remove those harder to reach stains, which can lead to more dramatic results, and a brighter smile to show off. Your dentist can also examine your smile to make sure that a whitening treatment is the right cosmetic dental procedure for you. In some cases, a different procedure may be better suited to the job of making your desired improvements.

Should You Take A Whitening Kit Home, Or Have A Treatment In The Office?

You can choose whether you take home a professional whitening kit from your dentist, or arrange an appointment in the office. Both of these approaches can lead to notable improvements. With a take-home kit, you will have a custom oral tray, which allows you to evenly apply your whitening agents during daily sessions that correspond to your schedule. Your in-office treatment can typically lead to full results in just over an hour.

Finding The Right Way To Make Improvements To The Look Of Your Smile

Will a whitening treatment lead to you showing off a bright smile? This can be an effective strategy for fighting discoloration caused by enamel stains, but less effective at addressing intrinsic discoloration. When internal tooth problems lead to unsightly dulling or discoloration, porcelain veneers can be more effective for improving your smile.

Illume Dental Can Help You Enjoy A Whiter Smile

At Illume Dental, patients who want to improve the look of their smile can find out how a cosmetic dental procedure can help them. With the right procedure, you can make a dramatic change to the way you look, and enjoy a big confidence boost! To set up your consultation with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255. We proudly welcome individuals from McKinney, TX, as well as Allen, Plano, Frisco, and all surrounding communities.