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McKinney Dentist | Can You Fit In A Whitening Treatment In Time For Summer?

You can look forward to plenty of warm weather this summer, along with inviting, bright skies. If you want to greet these sunny days with an appropriately bright smile, but feel bothered by your current appearance, you should know that your McKinney, TX dentist’s office can help you show off great improvements with a professional teeth whitening treatment. The whitening treatment available through your dentist can lead to significantly better results than you might see from a store bought whitening product. You can also be impressed at how convenient this work can be, which means you can complete your treatment with plenty of summertime to spare!

How Long Will It Take Me To See Results From A Teeth Whitening Treatment?

The time it takes you to complete your whitening treatment will depend on the option you choose to pursue. You can go in for a single whitening treatment with your dentist, and enjoy your significant improvements after just one appointment! If you prefer to take care of matters on your own time, or if you just have a hard time finding space on your daily schedule for an appointment during office hours, a take-home whitening kit can lead to changes in just ten to fourteen days!

What To Expect From Take-Home And In-Office Whitening Treatments

Take-home whitening kits are designed to make your daily sessions easy to follow. In addition to providing you with the appropriate whitening agents, your dentist includes a special tray that allows you to evenly apply these gels. That means you can look forward to a successful outcome at the end of your procedure. For an in-office appointment, special lights speed up the effects of your whitening agents, which means you can sit back in the dentist’s chair, and look forward to great results after just over an hour.

Enjoy Attractive And Convenient Cosmetic Dental Work!

Cosmetic dental work is meant to make great improvements to a person’s appearance, while requiring limited amounts of time and changes to your tooth structure. In addition to making your smile brighter, your dentist can make changes that give your smile a more uniform look, make teeth appear healthier, and correct for alignment issues. Dental bonding and contouring procedures can be completed in a short time, and require no permanent alterations. Porcelain veneers can cover up a wide range of problems, while only calling for minimal tooth alteration. If your concerns are more with the position of teeth than their condition, you can start improving your appearance by beginning Invisalign treatment!

Talk To Illume Dental About Whitening Your Smile In Time For Summer!

Illume Dental is ready to help you show off a better and brighter smile! Thanks to our convenient and effective teeth whitening treatments, you can make all the necessary arrangements to show off great improvements in time for summer. To schedule a meeting with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.