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McKinney Dentist | Can Teeth Whitening Agents Help Improve Your Smile?

The right solution to dental discoloration must be to use a teeth whitening treatment…right? For people who have discoloration caused by teeth stains, this can certainly be an effective approach. However, you should note that using store bought whitening agents can lead to limited improvements. If you want to see dramatic changes, you can be better served by using a professional whitening treatment instead. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can offer a professional-strength whitening kit that you can take home, as well as the option to have your teeth whitened during one office visit! We can also talk to you about taking a different approach to your smile issues if your smile is affected by something other than enamel stains.

A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Address Tough Stains

While store bought whitening products can do limited work against stains that have settled on your enamel, a professional whitening treatment uses more potent agents that can address more settled stains. As a result, you can see a more striking change at the end of your procedure! In addition to being effective, these procedures can offer results in a short time. You can complete treatment with your take-home whitening kit in ten to fourteen days, or see results after a single trip to our practice!

Choosing To Whiten Your Teeth At Home, Or In Our Office

A take-home whitening kit will include trays that help you apply your whitening agents, and potent bleaching gels from your dentist. These gels are capable of removing difficult stains that have settled in your teeth, and the trays you receive are custom-made to fit comfortably. After ten to fourteen days of daily applications, you can see remarkable changes to your smile!

If you want to see results in a shorter time period, you do have the option to schedule an in-office appointment. In just over an hour, your dentist can see to it that your issues with stains are resolved. The process also includes precautions that can prevent problems with dental sensitivity after treatment.

We Can Provide More Than Just Whitening Treatments For Discoloration

Sometimes, dental discoloration occurs for reasons that are not related to teeth stains. In these cases, a different approach to whitening a person’s smile can be more appropriate. We can review your options for cosmetic dental work to find a procedure that best suits your needs. Porcelain veneers are often selected to cover up these types of discoloration, which can occur due to dental injuries, enamel erosion, or as a side effect of a medication you have had to take. A dental bonding procedure can also help you hide these issues with discoloration.

Talk To Illume Dental About Improving The Brightness Of Your Smile

At Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, we are ready to help patients take care of their dull or discolored teeth! If you have questions or concerns about your smile, let us know, and we can identify the right approach to treatment. To set up an appointment, or to learn more about our cosmetic services, call Illume Dental today at (469) 301-1255.