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McKinney Dentist | Arrange Your Teeth Whitening Treatment With A Dentist

When there are teeth whitening products readily available at your local grocery store or pharmacy, why should you reach out to your dentist for help with dental discoloration? People who turn to store bought products to deal with stains can be disappointed by their ultimate results. This is because these readily available items can offer limited success if you want to do more than just remove stains that are on the surface of your teeth. At our McKinney, TX dental office, we can help you see bigger smile improvements with a professional whitening procedure. You can choose if you would rather come in for a one-visit office treatment, or if you want to take home a professional whitening kit supplied by your dentist.

Why Should You Rely On Your Dentist’s Help To Restore The Color Of Your Smile?

Stains that gather over time can steadily change the appearance of our teeth, leaving them with a frustrating dull or off-white color that makes you self-conscious. Over the counter whitening products tend to be ineffective at removing those stains that have gathered and settled, so they are still present and hurting the way you look after treatment. A professional cosmetic dental treatment is intended to do more good than a store-bought product. With the whitening agents your dentist can provide, you can remove stains that are harder to reach, and produce noticeable improvements.

Choosing The Whitening Treatment That Best Fits You

Do you feel that your weekdays are often hectic, and offer little space for new appointments? You may have an easier time with a take-home whitening kit provided by your dentist. The kit consists of advanced whitening agents and a special tray to help you administer these agents evenly. On a daily basis, you apply the bleaching gel that you have been given in order to break apart staining particles. Are you hoping to see results in the shortest time possible, so your smile is in great shape before an important event? An in-office appointment can produce noticeable changes in just over an hour!

Discussing Your Other Cosmetic Treatment Options

Cosmetic dental work can do more than just deal with frustrating teeth stains. If you are bothered by teeth that look misshapen, worn, or damaged, you may want to explore treatment options that help restore their shape and size. You can cover damaged, unhealthy, or otherwise misshapen teeth with porcelain veneers to make lasting improvements. These restorations are custom-made in order to deliver your ideal results. You can also explore treatment in the form of dental bonding and contouring, which can lead to these improvements without the use of restorations.

Illume Dental Can Offer A Whitening Treatment That Leads To Exciting Changes!

At Illume Dental, we are ready to help people in and around McKinney, TX who want to show off more attractive smiles. If you are interested in learning more, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255.