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McKinney Dentist | 3 Daily Oral Care Mistakes You Should Take Care To Avoid

How hard is it to keep your mouth free of harmful cavities? What kind of effort is necessary to spare you issues with gum disease? You can count on excellent preventive dental care during a routine dental checkup, and there is no shortage of information about how to protect your smile from harm. With that said, oral bacteria pose a persistent threat to your smile, and slipping up in your daily dental care habits can lead to problems. While different people face different degrees of risk when it comes to problems like tooth decay, there are some common mistakes that increase the likelihood of experiencing troubles. It should be noted that even if you think you are doing a great job with your oral care, you should still keep up with regular dental visits.

1. Infrequently Cleaning Your Teeth

You should brush your teeth at least two times a day – many people profess to do this, but let it slip that they may not do it as regularly as they know they should. If you have trouble fitting in a cleaning before you leave for work, or if you find yourself falling asleep before brushing, make an effort to avoid these common pitfalls.

2. Failing To Properly Protect Your Teeth When You Brush

If you brush infrequently, you can fail to fully protect your teeth. The same is true if you fail to do an effective job brushing. That can mean missing portions of your teeth, but brushing too aggressively can also be a problem, because it can wear down your enamel, and make you more likely to need restorative dental work.

3. Flossing Infrequently (Or Not At All)

If you only brush, you can miss the spaces between your teeth. That puts you at risk for cavities, because those areas can have oral bacteria and food debris build up.

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