Tailored Dentistry for Children’s Needs

McKinney TX DentistOne of the most important things you can do to secure a future of healthy, beautiful smiles for your children is to teach them to properly clean their teeth every day. Another is to instill the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis for routine checkups and cleanings.

Like adults, children need regular dental maintenance to keep dental issues at bay, and for early detection of anything that may cause concern, like tooth decay and gum disease. However, since their teeth, jaws, and facial structures are still growing/developing, children require special attention when it comes to their dental needs. With years of experience providing dental care specifically to children, Dr. Chen and our dental team can help ensure that your children’s smiles remain strong and healthy, regardless of their age.

In the Office

Parents should bring a child to his/her first dental visit shortly after their first tooth appears. By age three, children should begin attending regular checkup and cleaning appointments with the family dentist. Like all checkups and cleanings, these visits will allow our dental team to thoroughly clean their teeth and check for issues like cavities, crooked teeth, or other problems with their dental development.

For children at risk for cavities, Dr. Chen offers a number of treatments designed to boost the defense of their primary teeth and avoid the need for fillings or pulpotomies (children’s root canal treatment). Fluoride treatments, for instance, can significantly strengthen tooth enamel – the mineralized protective outer layer of teeth – and help prevent oral bacteria from reaching the tooth’s main structure.

In some cases, McKinney dentist, Dr. Chen may recommend dental sealants, which are thin layers of biocompatible acrylic that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of one or more teeth. Sealants provide an additional barrier against harmful oral bacteria where children need it the most – on the hard-to-brush crevices of premolars and molars.

For children with crooked teeth, a condition known as malocclusion, Dr. Chen can refer you to a highly-trusted orthodontic specialist. Crooked primary teeth will continue to grow worse and set a path of misalignment for the permanent teeth underneath them. Straightening misaligned teeth with orthodontic braces, however, can correct a child’s bite in the short-term as well as better prepare the underlying permanent teeth for proper growth and development.

Brighter Smiles at Illume Dental in McKinney, TX

At Illume Dental, we are committed to maintaining an excellent level of service for everyone. Our philosophy is that exceptional dental care begins with a personal relationship with your dentist and dental care team. Therefore, every treatment is tailored to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. To schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Chen, call Illume Dental in McKinney, TX, today at (469) 301-1255. We proudly welcome patients from McKinney, TX, as well as Allen, Plano, Frisco, and all surrounding communities.

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