Fluoride Treatment for Stronger Teeth

The outer layer of your teeth, called enamel, is the strongest substance your body produces, and is more resilient than any other material, besides diamonds. It’s also the first line of defense against tooth damage and the development of cavities. In fact, the first stage of tooth decay involves oral bacteria weakening tooth enamel in order to reach the more vulnerable tooth structure underneath it.

Tooth enamel is made almost entirely of minerals, such as calcium and phosphate, and when it becomes weak, it can regain strength by absorbing more minerals. Fluoride, for instance, bonds to the surface of weak enamel to boost its resilience against decay-causing oral bacteria. As part of a complete hygiene and preventative dental routine, fluoride treatments can significantly reduce your risks of developing tooth decay and cavities.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, is a more advanced form of fluoride treatment that not only strengthens tooth enamel, but also actively helps fight the bacteria that cause cavities. Silver naturally fights off the harmful oral bacteria that make up dental plaque and cling to your child’s tooth enamel. Combined with fluoride, which actively strengthens weakened tooth enamel, and water, which also helps neutralize oral bacteria, SDF provides a higher level of success when preventing cavities or treating them more effectively.

In the Office

Before recommending fluoride treatment, Mckinney dentist, Dr. Chen will carefully inspect your teeth to determine the health and integrity of their enamel. Children often benefit from fluoride treatment for stronger enamel as their teeth develop. However, when applied to the surfaces of teeth, fluoride can also benefit the oral health of adults by boosting their chances of preventing cavities.

For children and adults who exhibit weak areas of tooth enamel, Dr. Chen can recommend silver diamine fluoride treatment (in the form of a varnish, rinse, or wearable trays) to strengthen their teeth’s outer layer and prevent cavities before they form. The procedure is quick, and can be performed during your regular checkup and cleaning appointment, if necessary.

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